Counterpoint Founders, Graeme and Rich

Delicious, beer-y harmony

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After meeting in late 2011, the musician and the entrepreneur immediately bonded over their love of craft beer. Recognizing a shared passion in each other, the two decided to brew together and the result laid the foundation for Counterpoint Brewing Company. Inspired and impressed by one-another, they looked to share the deliciousness they had made with everyone.

A dream eight years in the making, today Counterpoint creates fine craft beer for enjoyment in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and beyond. All are welcome, and like Rich and Graeme’s relationship, their brewery is a place where melodies come together to create harmony.



Rich has spent his life immersed in music. He has played in folk bands, funk bands and jam bands. He also sings opera and conducts a choir. But what does that have to do with beer? Creativity is essential to his life. Crafting and perfecting beer recipes scratches the same itch that singing a solo onstage does.

Photo of Rich Hrytzak, Co-Founder of Counterpoint Brewing Co.
Photo of Graeme Kobayashi, Co-Founder of Counterpoint Brewing Co.



Graeme has had a variety of life and work experience that have led him to Counterpoint. His interest in crafting alcoholic beverages peaked while working at a whisky distillery in Scotland. Following this, he developed a taste for craft ales. After being introduced to the world of homebrew by Rich (you can make this stuff?!), and touring many breweries, there was no turning back.  After a few years of experimentation at home, it was time to take the plunge.

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